Two-Factor Authentication

We now support all popular 2FA apps including Google and Microsoft authenticators. To enable 2FA, go to your profile and click security settings.

14th Apr 2023
FTP Is No Longer Supported


Following the recent  cPanel announcements, we're also cutting off the support for FTP which is insecure and should not be used. Please switch to SFTP, a preferred and now a default option for transfering files via FTP interface and SSH protocol.

29th Apr 2020
System Update


We are happy to announce massive improvements to our system on the front and back end, including performance improvements and new usability features.

23rd Nov 2018
HTTPS 2 Now Available

Earlier this year, we have announced the availability of HTTP2 protocol, which speeds up sites by serving everything at once. Now, we are happy to announce the very same enhancements for HTTPS protocol, on by default to every single one of our customers. Therefore, you no longer have to choose whether to go with encryption and slower sites or ... Read More »

5th Aug 2017
Network Infrastructure Upgrades

We have scheduled a maintenance window between 2:00AM and 6:00AM (EDT) on April 9th to work on the second phase of overall network infrastructure upgrades at our US East location. These updates should help increase capacity and improve overall performance. During the peak of this maintenance customers will experience about 30 seconds of downtime ... Read More »

2nd Apr 2017
Performance Improvements

Greetings,As a part of our HDD changes, to avoid potential crashes and data loss, we will be moving your site from:Data SATA RAID - HDDtoData SATA RAID - SSD MySQL - SSDtoMySQL RAID - SSDAs a result, your web sites should be loading significantly faster.There is nothing you need to do and there won’t be any price increases. However, you should ... Read More »

13th Aug 2016
Lotosus Web Hosting Now Supports HTTP/2


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that from now on, all your HTTP sites will load much master, mostly due to the upgraded network protocol (HTTP/2), that not only is faster, but also more secure.

HTTP/1 vs. HTTP/2

What’s the catch? None!

Do you have to do anything? Nope.


27th May 2016
Battery Backup Upgrades

Starting on April 15th, 2016, at 10:00PM (EDT), our Infrastructure team will be performing routine updates to the battery backup systems. This maintenance window will remain open for eight hours and will help to ensure redundant power is available and operating at peak fidelity to support 100% uptime. This will not require any action on your ... Read More »

14th Apr 2016
Site and Server Upgrades, Feb 2016

Greetings, Over the course of last 5 months, we have been working hard to give you the best possible experience, and today Lotosus team is pleased to announce the following new features and additions: Site - New and improved order forms - New and improved cart - Improved address verification - Hundreds of small tweaks to improve the overall ... Read More »

9th Feb 2016
Server Software Upgrades, Oct 2015

We are pleased to announce the following changes and upgrades:- Improved the overall site(s) performance.- PHP updated to the latest stable version, 5.5.30, bringing few bug fixes.- Apache (httpd) updated to the latest stable version, 2.4.17, bringing a handful of bug fixes and improvements.- WHM / cPanel updated to the latest stable version, ... Read More »

19th Oct 2015