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Great Support

Don't you hate when your support tickets are not replied in a timely manner? Guess what? So do we.

You will experience fast response time for 24 hours a day, and it does not matter if it's 4 AM in the morning!

Not happy with reply? Let us know and your ticket will be sent to our CEO for the exclusive VIP treatment!

100% Uptime

With today's technologies, we can guarantee 100% network uptime at any time, all the time.

Hard to believe? Let's make a deal: We will pay you for every 5 minutes of server downtime. No questions asked.

Forget downtime and cheap 99.9% uptime promises.

Best Hardware

When it comes to hosting hardware, we do not mess around.

Others say that cheap 4 core servers are enough? We beg to differ.

Every single one of our servers have at least 16 CPU cores and SSD hard drives. Furthermore, we will automatically backup all your web sites at no additional cost!

Free Transfer

Do you host your sites in other web hosting company and would like to experience a much better service? We got your back!

Forget the transfer headaches. Just sit back and relax while our first class engineers team will instantly transfer your account from your current provider with no downtime guarantee and free of charge!

Cheap Domain Names

Cheap Privacy Protection
Register or transfer the most popular domain names from $8.95 and receive:


Forget spam and exposed information.

See the Difference

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What Our Customers Say

Our company has been in online business for over 7 years and were very skeptical about the 100% uptime guarantee. Yet, we were surprised to be wrong and did not experienced any downtime ever since.

Thanks to my friend recommendation, I decided to give Lotosus a try. Let me tell you, my sites loading speed has improved dramatically, I've moved all my sites to Lotosus servers and have never looked back.
- Bradley Hirsh

I feel only the highest level of respect to all Lotosus team members and what they do to maintain such quality service. Been using them for more than 5 years and will keep recommending it to all my clients.
- Sam Spray

Everything is so simple, my four-year-old could do that!
- Shannon